Holiday Cleaning and Decorating Ideas

Decoration Touch-Ups

When you take out the decorations, you’ll likely uncover some cleaning that needs to be done. Keep a disposable duster, wipes or your vacuum with the soft dusting attachment to handle the cleaning as it appears.

Keep Sparkling

With the house decorated for the holidays, their reflections in glass make windows and mirrors much more noticeable. Have glass cleaner and towels or pre-moistened window wipes on hand to keep everything sparkling.

Welcome Guests, not Dirt

To keep outside dirt out while you’re entertaining, be sure to have easy-to-clean welcome mats at all exterior doors.

Prepare for Next Year Too

Save yourself some time and effort next year by cleaning decorations as your remove and pack them away. Use closed bins or bags and label them mantel, dining room, tree, outside, etc.

Build On Your Success

So you don’t have to start from scratch every year, take pictures of areas you decorated that you think really came out great. Print them out and pack them with the decorations used (and in that area’s bin, bag or area). That way when it’s time to tackle the dining room table, mantel, entryway, or any other area next year, you can refer to the pictures and, if rushed, just duplicate it, or build on it and make it even nicer!

Keep Supplies Nearby

During the holidays, you can save yourself a lot of time by keeping a supply of all-purpose cleaner, paper towels, a duster and moist cleaning wipes tucked away in all main areas of the house. That way, if something needs taking care of in the living room, dining room, den or bathroom, you’ve got what you need right there and just get it done quickly and easily instead of waiting to do the whole house and remembering all those little tasks that piled up.

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